The absolute market leader in cash tills

Founded in 1998, Trivec is a national Swedish company that supplies hotels and restaurants with the latest, cutting-edge technology.They provide personalized soft-and hardware solutions tailored to their clients demands on a need-to-need basis. As the market-leading firm in Scandinavia, the company has increased its revenue annually, and has a yearly profit of € 8,5 million. Thus, Trivec with their 26 motivated employees has expanded their outreach and is now operating in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Hong Kong. With more than 1500 references in the Scandinavian market Trivec has put its mark on the hospitality and leisure market and are ready to continue the trend of the past years.
Furthermore, Trivec has ventured into the social media industry and is now launching a new concept called ‘Intreat,’ which will revolutionize online gift giving.

Reference customer are: Harrys pubar, Texas Longhorn, Operakällaren/Nobis gruppen, Pepes Bodega, Gondolen, Pizza Hut, O’Learys Sportbar`s, Pitchers Pubs, The Bishops Arms Sverige, Stureplansgruppen, F12 gruppen, Profilrestauranger, Stars & Stripes, Fjord Line, Wallmans Nöjen among 1500 restaurants and hotel in Scandinavia.